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StemPhase Biomedical Subcutaneous Injection Protocol

Caution: This Injectible Is Sold Only To And Administered By a Licensed Veterinarian


Equine Original StemCell Fluid injection is a liquid obtained from animal tissue at a site that was treated in a manner to induce natural stem cells of the animal to concentrate at the site. Equine Original StemCell Fluid is the fluid associated with these stem cells and contain proteins and other factors released by stem cells.

Dosage and Administration:

The recommended dose of Equine Original StemCell Fluid for horses is 5 cc with follow up treatment if and when necessary. The injection site should be aseptically cleaned prior to injection. All doses are administered subcutaneous with a 20 ga. needle. Do not dilute or mix Equine Original StemCell Fluid with other drugs or solvents. There have been no cases of equine hypersensitivity, however Dexamethasone and/or Diphenhydramine HCL may be administered at your discretion if needed.


Equine Original StemCell Fluid is supplied as a kit in a sterile freeze dried form, red to light brown in color, with another similar vial of water for injection. Allow both vials to come to room temperature before aseptically reconstituting 5cc of Equine Original StemCell Fluid injection dose with 5cc of WFI. Allow reconstituted Equine Original StemCell Fluid to resolve for 15 minutes until the content completely dissolves. The reconstituted Equine Original StemCell Fluid is normally reddish-brown in color and may even be slightly cloudy.

Side effects:

On occasion there may be discomfort or edema at the injection site, lethargy and/or hypersensitivity reactions presenting as light swelling or pruritis which upon treatment with Diphenhydramine HCL resolved within 1-2 days. Less then 2% of injections have resulted in inflammatory cellulitis at the injection site. No other side effects have been reported.


Use with caution in geriatric animals with significant comorbibities and patients that may have cancer.


For use in horses only, not for use in humans or food animals


Equine Original StemCell Fluid injection should be kept in refrigeration for long term storage where it will remain stable (not mixed with water) for up to 2 years.

Instructions for Subcutaneous Injection

  • You will receive two vials for the injection.

  • Using a new sterile needle and syringe.

  • Gently mix WFI vial (water) with PHASE 3 vial (dried stem cell fluid powder) for about 5 minute until fully dissolved.
    We suggest to use the WFI (water) solution at room temperature before injection.
    Note: SWIRL only and DO NOT SHAKE, make sure it is mixed well, if you shake the bubbles will take a lot longer to dissipate
    You want to wait till the bubbles go down before pulling up in the syringe (10 to 15 min if necessary)

  • Use new needle and pull all up into a new 10 cc syringe. Before injecting horse use a fresh new needle, it is important to be as sterile as possible

Horse Preparation

  • Shot is given subcutaneously (under the skin) where the neck meets the shoulder and right in front (see picture) (toward the head) of the shoulder blade.

  • Clip if needed. If hair is long, wash where neck connects to shoulder with iodine shampoo,.

  • Once clean, Use Benadine soaked gauze and scrub area for 5 min, like for a hock injection.

  • Then wipe with 91% alcohol on cotton swab.

  • If wipe is clean then proceed to inject.

  • Inject subcutaneously (under the skin). Be sure you are totally under the skin.

  • Wash the iodine off area of injection

What to do after the injection

  • Horse should be rested (can have turn-out) for two days after injection and then go back to regular daily schedule of activity.

  • We suggest the horse NOT be given any other injections of any kind on the day of this injection.

  • Do NOT oral 'past worm' the horse on the same day.


If required or recommended, a booster shot of Equine Original StemCell Fluid may be given to the horse after 6 (six) weeks post initial injection, to promote further healing and wellness or as follow up to previous treatment.

If required or recommended , a booster shot of Equine Original StemCell Fluid may also be given as a prophylactic wellness treatment 4 - 6 weeks prior to competition to help aid and promote a balanced healthy horse.

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