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StemPhase Equine Kit for horses

StemPhase Equine Kit for horses

StemPhase Equine Kit represents a lower cost alternative to traditional veterinary stem-cell-based therapies.
The StemPhase Equine Kit consists of easy to administer, under the skin stem cell fluid injections, along with oral support supplements that have been clinically proven to be successful when used for:

  • All forms of Arthritis
  • Joint Deterioration and Skeletal Disorders
  • Acute Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Lumbar Spine problems
  • Tendon, Suspensory and Ligament Injuries
  • Navicular, Ring and Side Bone Disease
  • Residual Ataxia as a result of EPM
  • Neurological Deficits
  • Post Operative

This all around 'wellness' tonic offers a full amino acid profile, accompanied by vital trace minerals, vitamins and other important key factors, like enzymes and transfer factors.  

Stabilized in a pre-biotic foundation, Micronutrient offers gut support by furnishing the hind gut with friendly flora and by balancing the pH level in the intestines. Natural anti-inflammatory agents in a homeopathic compound offer pain-management and reduce stress and heat within the structural system. Other key factors found in the broad spectrum amino acid profile offer the foundation and building blocks for a healthier and sound structural system.

Micronutrient is the perfect addition to the horse's/dog's daily diet and is extremely important  as an 'add on' product during rehab. Micronutrient is organic, GMO free and without any fillers or additives.

StemPhase Equine Kit contains:

  • One gallon of Inflablock for Horses
  • One gallon of Amino Acid for Horses
  • 2 X Original StemPhase stem cell fluid vials for injection

Mechanism of Action of original StemPhase stem cell fluid injections for Equine:

StemPhase original Equine stem cell fluid injections contain high levels of paracrine growth factors (VEGF, CTGF, etc) which are similar to those factors present in platelet rich plasma. (PRP).
Mass spectrometric analysis shows that StemPhase Original Equine injections contains various therapeutic proteins (gelsolin, cronin, hemopexin, fibronectin short chain and a-fibrinogen, among others) know to support the equines own tissue healing process.
Granuloma fluid secreted by the equine stem cell, comprised of various paracrine growth factors, healing proteins and suspected immune-suppressive factors produce long-term effects; significant improvement observed in the treatment of chronic indications in the horse.

Caution: This Injectible Is Sold Only To And Administered By a Licensed Veterinarian

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