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Equine Health via Stem Cell Factor Technology and Targeted Nutrient Specific Programs

StemPhase Biomedical Ltd. ™ has an innovative approach and process to compounding state of the art oral supplements that provide nutrient specific support to restore soundness, health and vitality in horses using our innovative Stem Cell Factor Derivative within our pharmaceutical grade oral products.

Our team of nutritional experts will assist you by providing a custom, individual program designed for your horse's specific needs, while being there every step of the way to offer guidance and support during program implementation (often along with your Veterinarian).

This unique personal approach allows us to provide nutritional guidance targeted to restoring health and soundness the fastest way possible, even in the most critical of cases.

Product AdviceAll of the StemPhase oral supplement formulations contain the best globally sourced natural ingredients along with our Stem Cell Factor Derivative product, all of which is delivered through our innovative Nanotechnology process. This Nanotechnology delivery process facilitates the delivery of herbs, vitamins, minerals and homotoxicology agents along with our Stem Cell Factor Derivatives in the StemPhase product line and thus stimulates the healing of functional systems at the atomic and molecular level.

Along with sound nutritional guidance, StemPhase’s Stem Cell Factor Derivatives product lines are formulated and targeted to assist your horse with conditions related to the following:

  • Soundness and Structural including Skeletal and Soft Connective Injury and Chronic Conditions

  • Immune and Inflammatory and Infectious Conditions

  • Restoring overall condition and Well - Balanced Health

Our Commitment To Client Service:

At StemPhase we are a committed focused team. Client service and satisfaction is everything to us. We understand the urgency and sensitivity when our services and products are required. That is why we make ourselves available to our clients and Veterinary partners on an extended basis if required.

We are also horse owners, riders, and breeders. We have helped many thousands of horses back to a well-balanced life.